The buried pond

The buried pond
The buried pond
1 800 rub

Are there ideal places for a warm spiritual rest? If you are already contemplating the beauty of Karelia's nature, an affirmative answer will not take long to wait. Here, among the many clean reservoirs, fresh air and the expanse of the forest zone, you can have a great time, forgetting about the noise and bustle of big cities.

There are two stocked reservoirs (so-called toll booths) on the territory of the recreation center. Fish stocks are constantly replenished! Fishing is carried out from the shore. The shore is dense, benches are provided for the convenience of anglers.

You can cook the catch yourself, in one of the gazebos with an equipped barbecue area.

Here you can catch


Carp is a subspecies of the river carp. Carp are long-lived, and can reach impressive sizes and weights up to 40-50 kg.

Carp lovers and connoisseurs prefer it even to red fish — carp is not only very beautiful, but also extremely tasty. It can also be noted that carp is an ideal fish for adherents of a healthy lifestyle, because it belongs to the group of low—fat fish - the fat content in carp meat does not exceed 2%.



Ide is a large, fast-growing fish, reaching a weight of up to 6 kg. A yazia weighing up to 400 g is called a sublayer.



Crucian carp belongs to the number of very common and well-known fish. Its weight can reach 5 kg.

The cost of services:

  • Fishing permit - 1800 rubles
    The catch rate is 2 kg of carp, over 2 kg 800 rubles per 1 kg of live weight (unpeeled fish). Nozzles - corn is provided.
  • Fishing rod rental 300 rubles/3 hours

Fishing rules

  1. Fishing in stocked reservoirs is carried out only on the basis of permission from the base administration.
  2. The administration reserves the right to refuse to sell the voucher without explaining the reason for the refusal.
  3. Fishing is allowed throughout the reservoir from the shore.
  4. At the end of fishing, the angler hands over the fish to the administration employee for weighing and pays for the services in accordance with the current price list for the cost of services.
  5. If an employee of the administration establishes the fact of fishing without permission, or with unauthorized fishing gear, as well as in the case of hiding from weighing the caught fish, the administration imposes a fine on the violator of these Rules in ten times the amount of the weight of the caught fish.