The complex "Black Stones" has all the conditions for your unique gambling and high-quality hunting. Due to the high level of service of our recreation center, hunting in Karelia can take place according to an individual program, taking into account all the wishes of our dear guests!

If you think that you need a gamekeeper for a more successful autumn hunting in Karelia, you can use his professional services. Guests of our recreation center can be taken to the hunting ground: we provide the opportunity to rent a car for a day or more.

Information about hunting grounds

Hunting is organized in their own lands, with an area of 50 thousand hectares. The lands are coniferous and mixed forests, with abundant forest and undergrowth, with clearings and small fields, as well as swamps and lakes. All this creates ideal conditions for hunting at any time of the year

The Huntsman's service

Our experienced hunters organize hunting at the highest level! You will be able to arrange vouchers right on the spot. It is possible to conduct individual hunting for a group of up to 5 hunters at the same time. What can guarantee the most successful hunting in Karelia? Of course, there is a good supply of game and a professional hunting organization. There is an abundance of all this at the Black Stones recreation center, so your hunting tour will be 100% successful.

The hunting period is YEAR-ROUND

Autumn boar hunting

Recommended season: September - December. Minimum duration of the entire tour: 3 days/2 nights

Individual hunting is carried out in the following ways:

From the tower. Basically, wild boar hunting in Karelia takes place at night, so the hunter needs to have devices that allow him to hunt at night. This method of hunting is most preferable, as it allows you to fairly accurately determine the sex and probable age of the animal, which allows you to shoot the right individuals without destroying the reproductive herd.

From the approach. Hunting is also carried out at night in forage fields or in places where animals are fed. This method of wild boar hunting in Karelia is acceptable only for experienced hunters who have solid shooting experience and serious practical shooting skills.

Red Deer Hunting

Types of hunting: European deer hunting in Karelia, autumn deer hunting. Recommended season: September-March (trophy hunting). Minimum duration of the entire tour: 3 days/2 nights

Individual hunting is carried out in the following ways:

From the tower. Deer hunting in Karelia is carried out in the morning and evening hours.

On the roar (September – October). Individual hunting of a male deer from the approach. During the rutting season, the probability of luring old and cautious animals with luxurious horns increases significantly. Light frosts are a good help in hunting deer in Karelia during the rutting season. In cold weather, deer roar more intensely.

Paid for:

  • meals, accommodation and additional services in accordance with the current price list for these services;
  • hunting service (1 hunter - 1 huntsman) - 2000 RUB/ huntsman;
  • delivery of hunters to the hunting venue - 2000 RUB/ car;
  • checking meat for trichinosis;
  • primary processing of one trophy (skinning, cutting, packing 2000 rubles/trophy);
  • the value of the trophy, according to the price list.

Other extras services (May be included in the program of stay):

  • excursion program and family holidays;
  • organization of fishing in the lake. Janisjärvi (trolling, casting; season – until early November);
  • organization of fishing in stocked reservoirs;
  • cooking dishes from the trophy;
  • sauna (over the program);
  • skeet shooting;
  • equipment for rent (jet skis, catamarans, boats, boats, etc.).
  • The cost of renting the entire recreation center: on request.


  • A hunter must have a hunter's certificate with him, a permit for weapons of the country of residence.
  • Individual hunting is carried out using only rifled hunting weapons and is carried out strictly under licenses.
  • Meat, skin: included in the price of the trophy.
  • The evaluation of the captured trophies takes place in the presence of hunters.
  • Injured and lost animals are paid in full.
  • The recovery of a wounded animal is carried out on the day of the hunt, no more than two hours.
  • For shooting unauthorized species of animals, a fine and the full value of the captured or injured animal are paid.
  • Hunters are responsible for the losses caused to natural resources as a result of their activities.

The final payment amount is agreed upon during the tour booking process.