Excursion to the marble canyon of Ruskeala

Excursion to the marble canyon of Ruskeala
1 300 rub

Ruskeala Mountain Park is a unique attraction of Karelia! The park is turning into an exclusive creative and scientific laboratory of modern tourism! But the main thing is that the Ruskeala landscape surprises and amazes the imagination of the guests. Nature and people have been interacting here for three centuries. The magical marble «the colors of white nights»‎, mined here, has forever become an ornament of St. Petersburg. The great works of generations of mountain craftsmen have given this place a special aura. Contemporaries come here not only to have fun and relax vividly, but also to touch the history of mining, to look into the secrets of the Karelian depths, to worship the northern stone…

Attention! Booking of excursions is carried out only by prior agreement through the booking department, at least 3 days in advance.

The excursion programs do not include transfers. You can get to Ruskeala yourself by car (the mountain park is 17 km from the recreation center) or order a taxi.

Description of routes:

  • Marble Canyon group land tour
    It is great for exploring the park. The main location of the park is waiting for you - the marble slopes of the canyon. Go to the «Dry Tunnel»‎ and visually get acquainted with the history of mining. A stone processing workshop has been opened on the route. You will be able to observe the work of the master and buy original souvenirs.
    Route length: 1.6 km.
    Duration of the tour: 1 hour 15 min.
    Cost: 1300 rubles/adult., 600 rubles/schoolchildren, 800 rubles/students and people over 60.
  • Group ground tour «Dear mountain masters»‎
    This tour offers the maximum in Ruskeala: it includes an excursion «Marble Canyon»‎ and passes through the ground part of the park. The marble heart sinkhole will allow you to look into the underground part of the park, and the Italian quarry will delight with its unique marble.
    Route length: 2.6 km.
    Duration of the tour: 1 hour 45 min.
    Cost: 1400 rubles/adult., 700 rubles/schoolchildren, 900 rubles/students and people over 60.
  • Excursion «Underground Ruskeala»‎
    The service is not booked. Available for purchase at the ticket offices and ticket terminals of the park on the day of the visit.

Booking an excursion by phone: 8 812 767 38 16 or e-mail: info@black-rocks.ru