Ice fishing in Karelia

Karelian nature is amazing at every season of the year. The same can be said about ice fishing. Beauty of winter nature, quiet and crunching snow, excitement and expectation make the fishermen go ice fishing in Karelia from every corner of the country.

One of the best lakes for fishing in Karelia is Lake Janisjarvi. It attracts fishermen by its beauty and its fauna. There are a lot of pikes, perches, pike-perches, breams and roaches.

Transfer to Lake Vahvajarvi on the sleigh up to 3 persons 4000 RUR per group
Transfer by snowmobile at the ice fishing place for every person for 1 km. 130 RUR for 1 km.
Snowsuit for fishing 300 RUR per piece
Fishing box, ice-axe 500 RUR
Huntsman (Supporting) 1000 RUR

Ice fishing has some peculiarities and some preferences over summer fishing. Moving on the ice you can fish at the places which were inaccessible. But you should be careful because the ice is not so solid near reeds or snags.

Winter is not an easy period for the fish. The level of oxygen is low under the ice, so the fish have to look for it and to get its living. The fish adapts to the changes of temperature not so easy as well. That’s why it’s better to wait several days before fishing after the ice has set in.

Ice fishing in Karelia starts when the ice sets in and when the fish gets used to the temperature of water. In January it’s better to fish bream, perch and roach.

Ice fishing is rather extreme hobby, that’s why you need a special snowsuit and shoes. If you feel comfortable you will enjoy fishing to the maximum. Valenki (felt boots), a cap with ear-flaps, fur gloves and short fur coat will protect you against frost. For using the bait it’s better to make the holes for thumb, forefinger and middle finger in the gloves. Do not forget that a long coat is unsuitable for ice fishing. It will get wet and become covered with ice.

Ice fishing in January is a good opportunity to spend Christmas holidays. During this time you can catch pike-perch and bream. They are staying active under deep water while other fish suffer from oxygen lack.

After you have chosen the place for fishing you need to find a place for a shelter. You can make a snow wall or to set up a tent. It will attach you to one place but the weather in Karelia can be so changeable that you need a shelter anyway.

Using the bait is as important in winter as in summer. You can take cake, soaked bread, bread-crumbs or semolina. But the best bait is mosquito grubs, worms and maggots.

Ice fishing in February attracts many fishermen for several reasons. In the beginning of February biting becomes not so good at small lakes and rivers. But it is still good at large lakes. And to the end of the month the fish become more active. The temperature increases and melt water goes under the ice. But you should be careful during this period. The thaws make the ice not so solid.

To enjoy comfortable and pleasant ice fishing in winter you should get ready for it in summer and autumn and buy everything necessary for it: warm clothes and firm tent. Besides, you need main fisherman equipment: first of all an icepick and auger, then a scoop (to clear the hole from the ice) and a fishing guff. Now you need to take a rod and to choose a place to fish!