Fishing in Karelia

The nature of Karelia is ideal for relaxing and spending good time. Here you can forget about the noise and the fuss of the cities among clear lakes, fresh air and forests.

There are two stocked ponds at the territory of the Holiday Village Black Rocks. The fish resources are constantly replenished. The fishermen catch the fish from the shore. It’s equipped with the benches for your comfort. The access to water is comfortable too. Some places are supplied with the bridges, the shore is mowed.

It’s possible to cook the caught fish in our restaurant. Or you can cook a fish-soup, shish kebab or smoke the fish that you have caught at a picnic site at the territory of Black Rocks.

You can catch in the pond:

Carp (3 species)

Carp is a subspecies of river sazan. Carp is a long-liver and can reach rather big size and weight of 40-50 kg.

Carp is a very tasty fish. Many people prefer it even to salmon. By the way it’s ideal food for people who lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s fat content is not more than 2 %.


Ide is a big fish that can reach the weight about 6 kg. The ide of the weight up to 400 g is called small ide.


Crucian is a very famous fish. Its weight can reach 5 kg.

The prices for fishing:

- Fishing rod for rent 200 RUR per 3 hours
- Caught fish (not eviscerated) – 300 RUR per 1 kg
- Heads - corn, peas, worm, wheat

There are several picnic sites at the territory of the Holiday Village Black Rocks where you can cook a fish-soup or grill the fish that you have caught. Or the cook from our restaurant can do it for you.*

* Cooking of the caught fish is paid according to the menu. We also smoke the fish on alder chipping.

The rules of fishing in the pond:

1. Fishing in the pond is possible after getting the permission from the administration of the Holiday Village Black Rocks.

2. The administration reserves the right to deny the service without offering any explanation.

3. The fish can be caught only from the shore of the pond.

4. After fishing the caught fish should be delivered to the administration for weighing, after it the fish should be paid according to the valid price list.

5. In case of fishing at the pond without permission from the administration or fishing with the help of forbidden fishing tools or refusing to pay for the caught fish, the breaker is ordered to pay a fine of ten weights of the caught fish.


The Holiday Village Black Rocks offers high-class leisure. We can organize fishing in Karelia and give you all necessary equipment for rent. It you don’t feel yourself experienced at fishing enough our huntsmen will help you with pleasure and show you the best places for fishing in Karelia.

All the conditions for a successful fishing are already created at the Holiday Village Black Rocks. We are waiting for you!

If you don’t want your caught fish to be cooked in our restaurant there’s a possibility for you to grill it at one of the picnic sites. We are sure that after this fishing experience you will get a lot of pleasant emotions and you’ll wish to repeat it again.