Fishing in Karelia

Do you like fishing or not, we offer you to try your luck! You will have an unforgettable fishing trip that will bring you good emotions! Our experienced huntsmen will show you the best places for fishing and you will be able to fish in very picturesque locations. The Holiday Village Black Rocks is situated on the shore of Lake Janisjarvi that is rich with fish. So you cango trolling and hunt for pike or pike perch.

Besides, there is a stocked pond at the territory of the Holiday Village Black Rocks where you can catch carps and crucians. We offer to rent a boat, a fishing rod and other fishing equipment. Fishing is possible all the year round at the Holiday Village Black Rocks. Ice fishing starts in winter when the lake is covered with ice. The main catch is perch, crucian carp and roach during winter fishing

There are also several picnic sites at the territory of the Holiday Village Black Rocks, where you can cook a fish-soup, shish kebab or smoke the fish that you have caught. Or the cook from our restaurant can do it for you.

Hobby is something that brings you pleasure and helps you to carry on your self-actualization. Fishing is a real passion for many men of different ages!

It’s easy to understand their interest to this kind of hobby: all people are equal before the face of nature. It doesn’t matter how strong or tall you are. The most important thing is to be patient and persistent.

Men enjoy fishing and the trophies they bring home. All fishermen like to bots about the results of their fishing before the friends. Fishing is the favourite game of chance that combines the moments of solitude, peace and quiet with delight, concentration and marvelous result!

Where do men go fishing? The answer is apparent – they go to Karelia. It’s the land of undisturbed nature with the landscapes of fabulous beauty. Karelia is the centre of tranquility among the thousands of lakes. There are about 60 000 lakes and about 27 000 rives in Karelia.

The Holiday Village Black Rocks was built according to the needs of the guests who enjoy fishing. Here you can find everything for home-like atmosphere. The guests can come here for fishing at any time of the year.

Every season in Karelia is beautiful in its own way. The best fishing in Karelia means not only the best trophies, but also the possibility to relax from the noise of the cities and to come back home feeling like a new being.

Our guests can rent any necessary equipment and a motorboat for trolling. Our experienced huntsmen will show the secret places where a lot of big fish can be found. Every fisherman will wish to visit us again!

In Karelia you can fish:

  • - pike
  • - pike perch
  • - grayling
  • - trout
  • - lake herring
  • - bream
  • - roach
  • - плотва
  • - burbot
  • - ide
  • - dace

The lakes in Karelia are full of clear water. If you dream about catching a pike in Karelia visit out Holiday Village Black Rocks in the end of May or in June. Your trip will be unforgettable. If you have doubts whether to go in Karelia or not just imagine a big pike in your hands. There is a smile on your face, you are proud of yourself! And in a few minutes you will be cooking the best fish-soup in the open air. Only you and the nature.

Everybody can feel this feeling and to stay at the holiday village and to have a great fishing trip!

Come and visit us for fishing in Karelia, you will like the prices. We will offer you the most fascinating fishing trips!