Baths Complex in Karelia

Bath on the shore for 6 persons
Bath at the cape (up to 25 persons)
Renting a bath is very popular in Karelia nowadays. Many people come to Karelia to steam in the Russian Bath. Its steam can be healing if you know some secrets. But local masters built bathhouses considering all the nuances.

Our Baths Complex is built for different number of people. There is a bath where up to 25 people can steam at one at the same time. There is a relaxation room in the bathhouse and a summer terrace for barbecue. There are also baths for 6 people where small companies can spend a good time. All these bathhouses are situated on the lakeside. You can swim in the lake in summer or dip into an ice-hole in winter. All the bathhouses are built of logs, and there is a wood-burning stove with a fire-chamber in the form of chimney, so that you can add wood sitting in the relaxation room. There are special hats for a steam room that you can find in the dressing room. And also you can take a cool and hot shower.

The connoisseurs are sure to like the steam room. The temperature inside ranges from 90 to 110 degrees centigrade. Traditionally it is recommended to steam with birch or oak brooms. There is a big table, wood benches, a kettle and necessary crockery and cutlery inside. You can switch the satellite channels on if you want. It’s possible to make a corporate event in such a bath, not to mention meetings of friends or schoolmates. You can order food and drink at the bath right from the restaurant. And of course you can stay at the cottages with picnic sites near the bathhouses. You can leave your car at secure car parking.

You can use a lot of services at the Holiday Village Black Rocks. You can go fishing or hunting. The forests and lakes are everywhere in Karelia.

How to steam right

Some people think that there is nothing easier than to steam in the bath. But there are some nuances. If you ignore them you can injure your health. One of the main rules is not to overeat before steaming. You should eat 1,5 hours before going to the bath. And the most important thing is to forget about any alcohol.

To begin with you need to take a shower. It’s better to wash without soap, so that protective lipid layer will remain on the skin. It’s better not to moisten the hair or you are risking to get heat stroke. Put the hat on and go to the steam room. Do not use a broom at the first visit to steam room. You can take it with you and to smell the aroma of steamed leaves and to soothe nerves. It’s important to get heat-adapted. The temperature shouldn’t be more than 60 degrees during the first visit. You can lie on the lower berth for 5-7 minutes. Next time you can stay in the steam room for about 15 minutes. Massage yourself with a broom. It’s good to put it to the calves, feet, waist and breast. Do to not get up harshly after massage. It’s better to lie a little bit more. And then get up gently and go out of the steam room. It’s recommended to visit steam room 5-6 times. The temperature should be higher from visit to visit and the time of steaming should be increased. But the maximum time shouldn’t be more than 25 minutes.

What can you do between steaming times

Many people cannot choose where to have rest in Karelia. It is useless. There are a lot of beautiful places here. You can spend vacations or just a weekend in Karelia. Take your friend or colleagues and have a healthy rest. Rent a Russian Bath here and get good emotions. It’s the best way to recover your health and to relax.