Trip to the Ruskeala Marble Canyon

The Ruskeala Marble Canyon is the main and the grandest part of the monument of history and nature, called Ruskeala Marble Quarrying, which is included into the state register of national heritage of Russia in 1998.

This is an old quarry of stone mining, which had been developed almost for three centuries. Today, it is a favorite place of the lovers of historical heritage and “collectors” of natural phenomena. It is completely equipped for tourism. This huge bowl carved by man in the array of marble formation extends from the North to the South for about 450 metres. It is filled with clear emerald water and is framed in marble rocks of 25 metres height. The sides of the canyon are penetrated surface and underwater adits, drifts and mines.  It is possible to get to one of the grottos but only by water, using a boat. The mine of 50 metres height, the adit and the bridge under the marble arch will not leave you indifferent.

But this underground trip is only a part of the main route of 1,3 km long. The route is available for the tourists of all categories. The paths are covered with stones or paved with marble gravel and are equipped with benches for rest. Here you can find solitude and immerse yourself in the silent beauty. The most dangerous places are protected by railings or curbs; liftings, descents and crevices are equipped with ladders made of wood and stone slabs, walkways and bridges. Here you can rent a boat and enjoy the view from the water on the marble walls.

The description of the routes: 

Attention! The trip does not include transfer. You can get to The Ruskeala Marble Canyon by car (17 km from Black Rocks) or to take a taxi.
Marble mine Ruskeala is a remarkable natural and artificial sight. It is filled with pure ground water of emerald green colour. Its gently sloping and steep marble cliffs reach a height of 25 meters. The Marble Canyon attracts tourists all the year round. The crystal clear lake is surrounded by green spruces and pines in summer, and in winter – the sparkling white snow gently covers marble, shimmering in the rays of winter sun.

Here you will be offered a traditional route around the Marble Canyon and an extended one that includes new objects. “Underground lake” is a dip over the underground horizon which was formed in 1928. It includes a set of adits, unique acoustics and a possibility to look into the depths of the marble designs. “Italian quarry” is a monument of the last century, carved marled formations (up to 40 square metres) with a majestic stone patter. There is an artificial “marble lake” and a marble square. You can see all the hues of Ruskeala marble.

The Ruskeala Marble Canyon offers:

Excursion services:
- Route around the Marble Canyon. Adults - 450 roubles per person, students -250 roubles per person, pupils - 150 roubles per person, children under 7 years old - free. The route is about 2 km. The duration of the excursion is 1-1,5 hours. Groups of 5 people and more.
- The individual entrance to the Marble Canyon. Adults -200 roubles per person, students -150 roubles per person, pupils - 100 roubles per person, children under 7 years old - free.
- Rowboats for rent
- Secure car parking
- Open-air cafe; shish kebab
- Attention! The trip does not include transfer. You can get to The Ruskeala Marble Canyon by car (17 km from Black Rocks) or to take a taxi.

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