Sports complex

Sports Complex at the Holliday Village "Black Rocks" includes a gym with exercise equipment. Those guests who lead active lifestyle can spend time profitably, the others can recover their health.

There is also a swimming pool and jacuzzi. There is a water slide for children and different types of hydromassage in the pool. It’s not necessary to go far to the seaside, at the Holiday Village Black Rocks you have a good opportunity for swimming and relaxing. The swimming pool is free for the children under 7 years old.

Besides, there is a solarium at the Holiday Village. So, if you like to tan all the year round, this service will be useful for you.

  • Electric sauna (separate for men and women)
  • Swimming pool 8 × 13 m, depth - max 3m, min - 1,4 m.
  • Jacuzzi
  • Jym
  • Table tennis
  • Air hockey
  • Solarium

Water temperature +28- +32 ° С
Air temperature +32 - +36 ° С