Karelia Zoo

The only Zoo in Karelia where you can get acquainted with a great variety of animals of Russia and other countries.

Dear guests, we are constantly expanding the range of services for your amazing rest.

Today we offer you to have a trip into exotics – our newly opened Zoo!

Phone: +7 (921) 622-97-93
Opening times: Open 10:00. Closed 19:00, including all holidays and weekends

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Single tickets
Adult 400  roubles
Children (from 3 to 12 years old)
300 roubles    
Excursion for Groups of 10+
500 roubles   
Children (from 3 to 12 years old)  400 roubles
Individual excursion (1-9 persons)
 Group price 5000 roubles    

500 animals

A large collection of hoofed animals: red and dappled deer, roe deer, guanacos, wild boars, llamas, alpacas, Shetland ponies, yaks, moufflons, marals, fallow-deer, sheep-pigs, Nubian and dwarf goats, ponies, sheep and many other species including rare species that are listed in the Red Book.

150 birds

Araucan, white peacock
barnacle goose
indian runner ducks
mandarin duck
minorca chicken
peacocks, japanese crane and African ostrich and many others.

We prepared a surprise for our little guests!

There is a newly opened Children Zoo at the territory of Karelia Zoo, where you can find tame animals that are not dangerous for people. We equipped comfortable relaxing areas for parents and a children’s playground at the Children Zoo.
Visiting the Children Zoo it’s possible to touch, to stroke, to feed the animals and to take photos with them. Here you will meet such animals and birds as ducks, hens, swans, sheep, Cameroon dwarf goats, rabbits, Shetland ponies and others.
Visiting the Children Zoo is included to the main excursion (about 10-15 minutes for the Children Zoo).

The Children Zoo is open from June till September!